Table Saw Fence Setup Jig Tip

Table saw Fence Setup Jig Many times I need to rip some pieces, and may need to rip the same size pieces later, after moving the fence. I came up with the setup in the picture. Just slide the setup jig against the fence, and tighten the knob enough to lock the sliding arm to the piece in the miter slot, but not tight enough to lock it into the miter slot. Then remove the jig, to keep for resetting the fence to the same place.I also use it on the other side of the blade, as a fence setting jig, for ripping narrow strips. Works great, and took about 10 minutes to make.

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3 Responses to “Table Saw Fence Setup Jig Tip”


    it seams that most every wood worker seams to have their router cord getting in the way when hand routing about any size board , The best way I have found; is too hang a screen door spring above the wood working service with a clasp on the opposite end big enough for the cord to slide in to ,when opened. This will hold the cord up above the work an stop having to resituate the cord,. I hope this will save time an also be safer for all .Thank you Robert Hukill

  2. rmorris855

    Adjustable "Story Stick".... I like Seahorse's idea too.....

  3. seahorse

    put a strip of tape leading edge of jig; draw a line with square from saw blade to jig, gives you chance to put several dimensions on jig.