Solar Kiln Plans and Dimensions

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“I viewed the WWGOA video Logs to Lumber and I’m interested in building a solar kiln. Where can I go to get plans? Can you give me rough dimensions on the one featured in the video? I live near Nashville Tennessee, and I would like to know what roof angle I would need for my location. I am also wanting to build some outdoor furniture from pressure treated wood from home building centers like Home Depot or Lowes. What do you think of drying pressure treated wood in a solar kiln?”

Submitted by: bbspring

WWGOA Editor Response:

The solar kiln plans in the video use approximately 4′ wide x 9′ long and a little over 6′ tall at the high end of the angled roof. Gene Wengert was instrumental in the design of Dave’s kiln. You can find plans for a variety of kilns designed by folks at Virginia Tech and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I haven’t heard of anyone using a solar kiln to dry treated lumber, so can’t tell you much there.

George Vondriska

Managing Editor

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7 Responses to “Solar Kiln Plans and Dimensions”

  1. Terry Stansbury

    Can I build a solar kiln to dry 6″ x 6″ pine logs 16 foot long. To build a log home.

    • Customer Service

      Hello Terry,

      Thank you for the question, here is the experts reply:

      Sure. Do your homework on how to effectively process the wood, however, because drying material that thick is non-trivial.

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    The site hasn’t been updated in over 8 years! And their links to Virginia Tech and the University of Wisconsin-Madison don’t work. Do you have another source for solar kilns?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Michael. I am sorry, we do not have any updated information on solar kilns.

  3. Michael

    Do you have any available plans for a sewing table with storage units and large enough for a surger and sewing machine ?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Michael. Thanks for inquiring with WWGOA. Unfortunately we do not have such plans.