Pizza Points for Finishing

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Pizza Points For FinishingI had a real “Ah Ha” moment. Looking at a pizza we ordered I realized that the plastic thing in the middle of the pizza that keeps the box from touching the pizza (it looks like a little table) would serve a similar purpose when I’m finishing. I started saving them, and found they work great.

Pizza Points For FinishingThe kind that come with our pizzas even have holes in the big flat side so I can screw them to a board for better stability. The legs are a little spindly, so don’t load these up with a monster big cabinet, but they work great for little stuff.

Submitted By Trent Johnson

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3 Responses to “Pizza Points for Finishing”

  1. Maynard

    Pretty good, I use 4 #4 finishing nails from the bottom of the board with the points in contact with work. Then I can finish all sides by simply turning the work over and ,placing the bottom of the work on top and then finishing the bottom for all sides tp be done.

  2. Phil

    Looks like a good idea. Question: I'm interested in purchasing an Apollo Atomizer gun 7500GT and wonder what if any reviews are out there from our guild members

  3. Robert

    Hey Trent, That's an excellent Idea, Thanks for sharing that!