Never Again Lose Router Wrenches

Never Lose Router WrenchesEven with dust collection on my router table, it seemed I always had the same problem. I’d open the doors on the cabinet below the table and find a mountain of sawdust. The biggest problem was that somewhere below that sawdust were my router wrenches, collet, and other tools I needed for the router table. The cabinet is a handy place to keep them, but not if I can’t find them.

I finally landed on a simple but elegant solution. I installed a magnetic strip from a hardware store on the inside wall of the cabinet. Now, as long as I return the tools to the strip when I’m done with them, I know right where they are when I need them. No more sawdust sifting.

Tip and Photo by Trent Johnson, a registered member of the WWGOA.

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2 Responses to “Never Again Lose Router Wrenches”

  1. readams43

    Good idea. I think most of us have the same problem, and after seeing what you did, I ask myself, why didn't I think of that.

  2. ktpalex

    Thanks for valuable information on these woodworking stuffs.