In the Shop: Where’s Bruce?

What am I working on currently? Well today I needed to do some house repairs. One project was to fix a kitchen cabinet door hinge where the screw holes were stripped out from excessive use. No problem. I filled the holes with glue, hammered in some round toothpicks, let the glue dry, flushed the toothpicks to the door, remounted the hinge, and then remounted the door. I am hero!

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5 Responses to “In the Shop: Where’s Bruce?”

  1. Bill

    Diamond still makes the old flat toothpicks that are narrow on one end. Put a drop or two of glue on the appropriate end, swirl it around in the hole, snap it off in the hole, and screw it back together. Yup, while it's wet. If the screw slips; add more toothpick. The toothpick creates a wedge against the screw to fix the problem. The glue just holds it all in place. Glue does not really bond to the screw. You can do this repair without the glue but it won't be as strong long term.

  2. Hans Loenen

    Great idea. I am 66 and my grandfather show this trick to me using matches. I now drill the worn hole out to a 4mm or 5mm hole and glue in a piece of dowel in the hole. works for longer.

  3. frostychevy

    Old idea but great idea. I carry a medicine bottle with short peices of doweling as well as wooden matches and toothpicks just for that fix. Word of caution though. Do not try this fix on anything from that swedish store. It is all pressed paper and the glue swells that stuff up like a pregnent elephant. For that kind of fix I switched over to either quick setting epoxy or if I have time I use PL premium.

  4. geoford

    I like using wooden match sticks for this as well. I like the fact that they are not tapered like the toothpicks. Just don't put the head of the match in there or your hero could be the fireman. lol

  5. Keith

    Toothpicks work great! For room doors and jambs where the screw holes are worn out I use wooden golf tees. I am hero too!