Ask WWGOA: Framing Spikes

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What are framing spikes? The bench plans I have call for framing in of the bench base by assembling “them with the framing spikes as shown above.” I see no spikes in the picture. Thanks for your help.

Submitted by T. Welsh


Back when I was building houses, we called 16D nails, used to nail together 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 walls, framing spikes. If your bench plan calls for nailing together the base, my guess is that these nails are what they’re referring to. I can’t think of any other woodworking tool or device referred to as a framing spike.


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4 Responses to “Ask WWGOA: Framing Spikes”

  1. David

    I bought solid pine interior doors and had to cut them down, now there not square; how can I get them square? Should I be using a router or a saw?

  2. Dale Wagstaff

    How do you maintain free flow of glue from the tight bond glue container while it’s being used. Mine works fine for a few days even though I close it, and then it gets all dried and plugged up and I have to take it apart and clean it in order to use the glue dispenser nozzle again. Do you have any suggestions?

  3. emilio alfredo espinoza

    Good work

  4. Stephen

    Another spike could be used in framing is a 60D nail spike