Barnboard Quilt Photo Contest

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34 Responses to “Barnboard Quilt Photo Contest”

  1. John

    All the quilts look great. Do you have a timeline for announcing the winner?


    Who had the winning entry ?

  3. Bobby Wolz

    Not sure if my entry was sent?

  4. Al Barry

    Enjoyed making this barn wood quilt.

  5. Bobby Wolz

    very impressed with what I have seen posted!! Some brilliant work! I'll be submitting mine hopefully by Tuesday night. Good luck everyone and again, beautiful work everyone!!

  6. Richard

    Where can we see other entries?

  7. Lori Ferrari-McCoy


  8. Ed

    Patriotic barn wood quilt pattern

  9. Kent Lewis

    I made this quilt using pallet wood that I salvaged from a set I built for a middle school play plus one additional unpainted pallet that I salvaged.

  10. Joe Yanez

    My Son Jared made this for his daughter's bed room. He asked me to entered it for him.