Aligning Barrel Hinges for Installation

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“What is the best way to line up a barrel hinge from the lid to the body of the project?”

Submitted by: lvshilling

WWGOA Editor Response:

Try using dowel centers. These handy devices have a barrel that fits into a hole and a point that projects above the hole. Drill the barrel hinge holes in the body of the box first, insert the dowel centers, position the lid, and gently press down on the lid. You’ll leave small dimples in the lid where the dowel centers are located.

Many barrel hinges are metric, but don’t get thrown off. A 10-mm barrel hinge is very close in size to a 3/8″ dowel center.

George Vondriska

Managing Editor

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2 Responses to “Aligning Barrel Hinges for Installation”


    A wee question: Do you ever see the day that North America will join the rest of the world and metricate?

  2. ron

    how far from the edge of the box should the center of the barrel hinge be? ron