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Turning Tops

Here’s a project you can do on the lathe that’s fun for you, and fun for the recipients too.  Making tops is a great way to work on your turning skills and, once you get good at this, you’ll be able to turn them out in no time.  Tune in for trade secrets on turning tops.

WWGOA LIVE! October 2020

Looking for some new woodworking knowledge? George Vondriska answers your woodworking questions on WWGOA LIVE about beginner woodworking projects, jointing issues, when to sharpen a table saw blade, and much more.

Embedding Objects in Your Epoxy Pours

Epoxy can be fun to work with once you get the hang of it, and it can be used to add beautiful features to your projects. Make your epoxy pours and projects even more unique by embedding objects in the epoxy to give the appearance of floating down your river table. Pouring in Layers To…

Perfect Epoxy Mixing Guide for Flawless Pours

Epoxy is a fun but expensive product, so you want to mix the right amount for your project. Mixing too much means you’ll have that costly epoxy left over after your pour. But if you don’t mix enough, you’ll be short. Not having enough epoxy is especially bad if you’ve used mica powder, pigment, or…

2020 Product Showcase: Easy Wood Tools

Easy Wood Tools introduced a larger version of their hollow vessel chisels. They’ve had mini hollowers available for a while. It’s great to see these larger scale tools in the marketplace. Both sets of chisels are carbide-tipped. What’s the deal with carbide? Carbide-tipped lathe chisels offer the benefit of never needing to be sharpened. When…

How to Clean Band Saw Tires

A band saw is one of the more versatile tools in the shop, commonly used for cutting curves, ripping a straight edge on rough lumber, resawing, safe cutting of small parts, and other various tasks. Like any wood cutting tool, a band saw generates a lot of dust and debris in normal operations, and some…

Advanced Hand-Held Router Techniques + DVD

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Accenting Wood with Tinted Epoxy

There is growing popularity around working with slab wood and making big, bold table tops with this material. That generally means dealing with imperfections that you will invariably find in the slab by filling wood cracks with epoxy. Epoxy is a great material for filling voids because it provides an attractive surface that can be…

Table Saw Safety – Save Your Fingers!

Save Your Fingers! Why do table saws cause so many woodworking accidents? The saw blade does not care whether it is cutting wood, bone, or meat. If you use a table saw, then pay attention to these table saw safety tips! I met a person who previously worked in a Van Conversion Factory. He is…

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WWGOA LIVE! March 2020

We had a huge audience for the March LIVE Q&A. This month, George discussed miter saw and planer recommendations, organizing shop tools in a garage, cheap ways to start woodworking, and much more.