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My First Epoxy Bowl

If you’re a bowl turner but haven’t tried turning an epoxy bowl yet, you’re missing out! Mixing media like wood and epoxy leads to beautiful results. Here’s what I learned from my first epoxy bowl. Have you tried turning an epoxy bowl yet? Combining wood and epoxy can give you incredible results, and it can…

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Shop-made Quick Release Hose Clamps

Any woodworker who has a dust collection duct system knows what a pain it can be to do any reconfiguration. Moving tools around, adding new ducts, extending a line for better tool spacing, can all be time consuming, tedious tasks. Oftentimes this means having to remove screws, and then replace them again after the ducting…

WWGOA LIVE Q&A: April 2023

It’s time to celebrate National Woodworking Month with Woodworkers Guild of America! This April, discover the joys of woodworking and learn to build beautiful pieces you can be proud of. National Woodworking Month is all about celebrating the world of woodworking in every way! Try your hand at hand turning, experiment with epoxy resin, or…

2023 Product Showcase: Penn State Industries-Pen Turning and More

When you think of pen turning, if all you imagine are the 7 mm pens that have been around forever, you’re missing out. There are SO many kits available today from Penn State Industries, and they’re very woodturner-friendly. You can make: – Many different styles of pens – Slingshot – Pizza cutter – Ice cream…

Woodworker’s Guide to Live Edge Slabs Book

Description Book: Woodworker’s Guide to Live Edge Slabs A complete and accessible guide on making DIY furniture from live-edge slabs, this book will show you everything you need to know about incorporating natural wood pieces into your home. After learning techniques for milling, drying, and preparing your own slab, adding inlays, using resin and epoxy,…

How to Repair a Cracked Bowl by Stapling

If you turn enough bowls, you are bound to have one crack on you as it dries. What should you do when you have a cracked bowl? Some people might throw away the bowl, but I say that’s crazy talk! Think of the cracked bowl as the starting point for a new art project. There…

WWGOA LIVE! May 2020

This month, George provided biscuit joiner recommendations, discussed cordless tool brands, shared tips on how to store wood to prevent warping, and much more.

Epoxy Camper Upgrade

You’re probably here at WWGOA because you’re an avid woodworker. But if you enjoy woodworking, there’s a good chance you’re hands-on in other areas, too. When he’s not in his shop, George has been busy doing a full upgrade on a 1997 20’ bumper pull camper. There’s an entire video series on this project. The…

Advanced Hand-Held Router Techniques

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The Latest in Freud Router Bits

Benchtop CNCs have seen incredible growth in recent years. As the machines have gotten better, cutting tools have gotten better as well. Freud Tools, with a 60 year history in cutting tools, is applying the same technology they use on cutters for large format CNC routers to make bits for benchtop machines. Black I.C.E. Freud’s…