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I have a wobble dado. When I put all four hub pieces on the blade, the blade does not fix on the axle of my table saw. I can’t find any instructions on how to assemble the hub to make it fit. The package did not show any instructions–just what it will do. I know a wobble is not the best method, but it is all I can afford right now. Can you give me any help with this?

Submitted by pegw


It could be your saw. Some saws, primarily benchtop (portable) table saws aren’t designed to accept a dado head. If that’s the case, the arbor of the saw won’t be long enough to accommodate a dado. Even on a stackable head, the maximum width of the build up is typically 13/16″. If your blade is that wide, or less, it will fit on saws designed to accept dado heads.


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2 Responses to “Ask WWGOA: Wobble Dado Setup”
  1. Jerry

    I set up wobble blade get the cut right but after I run three or four pieces the cut moves?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Jerry. It sounds like the locking mechanism on your wobble dado isn’t working properly. Perhaps it is worn, or maybe was never adequate. I favor a stacked dado such as this one: . Stacked sets cost more but maintain better accuracy and generally provide better cut quality.
      Paul-Woodworkers Guild of America