Check Out the Catskill Mountain Maker Camp

Every October, there’s a unique event in upstate New York called the Catskill Mountain Maker Camp. There’s a little bit of everything—woodworking, forging, sewing, glass blowing. If it can be made with your hands, you’ll probably find it at Catskill Mountain Maker Camp.

Maker Camp is a primarily outdoor event held at the Blackthorne Resort in East Durham, New York. The main goal of this event is to allow attendees to learn a wide variety of hands-on skills and give them a chance to practice those skills.

Yep, that means you’ll get the chance to try things like:

Carving your own spoon

Learning to weld

Practicing leatherwork

Making epoxy projects

Learning to forge metal

Practicing powder coating

Making your own knife + more!

This is an amazing event and a unique experience. If there are makers and content creators you follow on social media or YouTube, there’s a good chance you’ll see them teaching at or attending the Catskill Mountain Maker Camp.

Maker Camp is more than a woodworking or tool show. It’s very social, very hands-on, and very fun! Check out the Catskill Mountain Maker Camp website for information on upcoming dates, event schedules, exhibitors, accommodations, ticket prices, and more.

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