Ask WWGOA: Cutting MDF


What should I use to cut MDF wood?

Submitted by Richard W.

This video provides some info on table saw blades. A triple chip blade is best for mdf and other abrasive materials, like particle board.


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4 Responses to “Ask WWGOA: Cutting MDF”

  1. Allan

    Will a diamond blade (.023 kerf) cut 3/32 slits in walnut that are cross cut for guitar fret board. I have 5/8 arbor on 10 inch table saw. Will a 4″ blade fit on a 10 inch table saw (with proper arbor)?

    • Customer Service

      I have never tried either of these so I can’t comment from experience. If the arbor is the right size on the 4″ blade I don’t see any reason that it wouldn’t fit.

      Woodworkers Guild of America

  2. Barry

    For other man made products like melamine and MDF are these the best blade for those products?