• Router bits

    Allowing for Router Bit Diameter on a CNC Machine

    CNC technology can add a lot of value to a woodworking shop in terms of precision, repeatability, efficiency and quality. Once you have an overview of a CNC machine, you will begin to understand the precision in place throughout the system. This is one of those “garbage in, garbage out” scenarios in which the CNC…

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  • Keyhole router bit

    How to Use a Keyhole Router Bit

    If you are making a plaque or a picture frame and want to integrate a slot into the project so that the user can easily hang the piece on a wall without having to use hanging hardware, there is a special router bit called a keyhole bit that can be used for this purpose. The…

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  • Vertical Panel Raiser

    Vertical Panel Raiser

    Thinking of buying a vertical panel raiser for your router table? George Vondriska demonstrates how to safely use the bit and discusses some of the pros and cons of the vertical panel router bits and the classic horizontal panel bits.

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  • Sharpening Forstner Bits with a Rotary Tool

    Sharpening Forstner Bits with a Rotary Tool

    Forstner bits have a lot of uses in your workshop, but when they get dull, they are frustrating to work with. One alternative is to send them out for sharpening, but that can put them out of commission for a week or two. George Vondriska shows his technique for sharpening forstner bits using a rotary…

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