• Machine on a plank of wood

    What You Can Do On a Drum Sander

    Over the years I’ve been asked about drum sanders MANY times. Here’s an opportunity to see what a drum sander can do for you, and learn about the differences between drum sanders and planers. Abrasive planing With 36-grit sandpaper on your drum sander you can quickly clean up a surface, taking it from rough sawn…

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  • Wood working machine

    How to Easily Sand Custom Moldings

    I have a great job. I frequently get to see cool new tools, and I love having the chance to tell you about them. Here’s an example. The Chatternator is a good example. If you’re making molding on a Woodmaster machine, the Chatternator is a problem solver that can save you A LOT of sanding…

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  • Wooden furniture leg

    Tips to Sanding Irregular Surfaces

    As much as everyone seems to dislike the sanding phase of a woodworking project, all sanding is not created equal. When we are sanding on flat surfaces such as a table top, at least we can use a belt sander, sheet sander or random orbital sander to power though the process. Sanding irregular surfaces such…

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  • Wood Sanding Techniques - Marking Progression

    Wood Sanding Techniques: Marking Progression

    Dave Munkittrick demonstrates simple wood sanding techniques he likes to use to help him remember where he left off on a sanding project. By covering the entire surface of a piece with pencil lines and marking down which grit you’ve used so far, you can determine where you still have to sand and easily recall…

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  • Finishing Part 1: Sanding - The Perfect Finish Starts Here

    Finishing Part 1: The Perfect Finish Starts with Sanding

    Jim Heavey from WOOD Magazine starts a three-step process for creating a perfect finish on your next woodworking project with tips on sanding. The first step is to understand the properties of different grades of sand paper and knowing when to use each. Jim takes you step-by-step through the sanding process. Related Videos: Part 2:…

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  • Sanding a Cylinder

    Sanding a Cylinder

    Sometimes, when turning a cylinder for your woodworking projects, you want it to be perfectly flat, but how do you accomplish that? George Vondriska shows you a foolproof sanding technique that he uses for making a cylinder flat from end to end. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video.

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  • Why You Need a Surface Sander

    Why You Need a Surface Sander

    George Vondriska demonstrates the benefits of using a surface sander for your woodworking projects. A WoodWorkers Guild of America (WWGOA) original video. Surface sander provided by EZ Sander. For more information, visit ezsanders.com.

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  • Shaping with an Inflatable Sander

    Shaping with an Inflatable Sander

    In this video, George Vondriska demonstrates a useful way to use an inflatable drum sander to sand rounded surfaces on your woodworking projects. Mounted to a lathe, the inflatable sander allows you to decide how much or how little you want to inflate it depending on what you would like to achieve with your sander.

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  • Make a Custom Sanding Block

    Make a Custom Sanding Block

    George Vondriska shows you how a quick trip to your local auto parts store is all you need to build your own custom sanding block that can help you sand any shaped profile you may encounter during your woodworking projects.

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