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    Bridge City Tool Works Block and Bench Plane

    There are plenty of times when using a hand tool, specifically a block plane or bench plane, makes more sense than using a corded tool. Why a hand plane? Large pieces. Yeah, you might own a planer or drum sander, but will the piece you’re working on fit through the machine? When it comes to…

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  • Paring Dovetail Joints with a Block Plane

    Paring Dovetail Joints with a Block Plane

    On dovetail joints, it is common to have the pins and sockets and dovetails project past each other creating a not-so-perfect joint. George Vondriska shows you an effective way to make your dovetail joints look perfectly flush using a low angle block plane. By using the block plane you’ll be able to create clean, crisp…

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  • Throat Opening on a Block Plane

    Throat Opening on a Block Plane

    Controlling the throat opening of your block plane is important for easily switching between cutting on the end grain and long grain. Widening the opening when you are cutting on the long grain will yield thinner, consecutive strips so that the block plane doesn’t catch or get jammed. But, if you are working on the…

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  • Know Your Hand Planes

    Know Your Hand Planes

    There are many different styles and shapes of hand planes, so it is important to know how to optimize your use of each type when completing your woodworking projects. Master woodworker George Vondriska discusses when to use a scrub plane, smooth plane, and block plane.

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