• Scroll Saw for Beginners

    More Accuracy on a Scroll Saw

    Scroll sawing is a fun and creative way to create highly detailed projects or accents in your shop, and also provides a safe way to introduce youngsters to woodworking power tools. Scroll saw for beginners, however, can be challenging. You may need some help in producing the results that you desire with the level of…

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  • Scroll Saw Cutting

    Burn-Free Scroll Saw Cutting

    Scroll saws provide the unique ability to create curved cuts with a tight radius, while leaving a surface quality that typically requires very little Sanding prior to applying a finish. But when working with stock that is thick or dense, scroll saw cutting can sometimes lead to burning the wood. This is a bad situation…

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  • Choosing the Right Scroll Saw Blades

    Choosing the Right Scroll Saw Blades

    There are a variety of scroll saw blades available for scroll saws, and George Vondriska explains the difference between 5 of the most popular scroll saw blades including the #2, #5, #7, #9 and #12. He discusses the benefits of each blade and what types of projects each blade works best for. Scroll saw blades…

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  • Squaring Your Scroll Saw Table

    Squaring Your Scroll Saw Table

    Before you make your next cut on a scroll saw, check to make sure the blade is perfectly perpendicular to the table. George Vondriska shows you an easy way to test if your scroll saw blade is square while the scroll saw is under power.

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  • Scroll Saw Tips: Super Smooth Scroll Saw Table

    Scroll Saw Tips: Super Smooth Scroll Saw Table

    George Vondriska gives you some scroll saw tips for projects that require running small pieces of wood through a scroll saw. Because the pieces tend to get caught in or fall down into the throat hole of the saw, you can try covering the throat with a piece of Plexiglass with a 1/4″ cutout for…

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  • Make a Picture into a Wood Jigsaw Puzzle

    Turn Your Pictures Into Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

    George Vondriska shows you how to use a scroll saw to turn any of your favorite pictures in to a wood jigsaw puzzle. He tells you which blade you should use depending on the thickness of your material and demonstrates some of the woodworking techniques you can utilize when cutting out the pieces.

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  • Scroll Saw Projects: Chess Pieces

    Scroll Saw Projects: Chess Pieces

    Using a scroll saw you can create your own unique chess pieces. In one of his scroll saw projects, George Vondriska demonstrates step-by-step how to create detailed chess pieces using a piece of alder, a scroll saw and a pattern. Learn how to build the chessboard base here.

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