George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! September 2018

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 3  mins

Quite the flurry of questions, covering everything from bandsaw work to table saw work to glue stock edge to edge. Thanks for watching and participating!

1:25 Working with pecan and hickory
2:56 Grain filler
5:20 Oil for cutting boards
6:28 Finger joints on a radial arm saw
8:00 Resawing veneer on the bandsaw
10:45 Shop vacuum for dust collection
13:15 Titebond polyurethane food safe?
15:38 Japanese pull saw
18:00 Cutting small squares
21:56 Base cabinet toe kicks
23:19 Preventing blotchiness when staining pine
29:00 Finish choices
31:00 Festool Domino
32:00 Cutting plastic on the table saw
33:45 Glue is too thick to pour
34:45 Tools for a new woodworker
36:45 Attaching feet to a stained box
38:00 Shopsmith
40:00 Adding a cyclone to a shop vacuum
41:00 George’s work bench
43:15 After market table saw fences
44:00 Grounding dust collection systems
45:40 Oak stair treads
47:00 Cut list software
47:45 Walnut oil for cutting boards
48:18 Sanding dust produced by sanding between finish coats
49:30 Rounding the end of a board
49:35 Router table insert goes out of alignment
50:40 Latex finishes won’t dry
52:05 Dining table top thickness
52:45 Festool track saw
54:33 Safe heat source for a shop
57:40 Tips for edge to edge glue up
1:01:00 Vida the Shop Dog

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