George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE Product Showcase Fall 2021

George Vondriska
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Duration:   58  mins

Join George Vondriska and Paul Mayer for the WWGOA Product Showcase Fall 2021. Watch product demonstrations from Grizzly, Bora Tool, AquaCoat, Leigh Tools, and Woodmaster to stay up-to-date on the newest and most innovative woodworking products.

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8 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE Product Showcase Fall 2021”

  1. aj moses

    Paul - thanks for setting the example of using a re-usable bottle and not a single-use plastic bottle for your beverage!

  2. Fred Levine

    How does the finish hold up with cup or glass rings?

  3. Susan Schneider

    Hello. I've been scrolling for at least 25 years. I bought a DeWalt scroll saw about 20 years ago at a Woodcraft store in Santa Rosa, CA. I've used it LOTS (almost daily) for 20+ years. It's starting to not hold a true/perfect angle for bowl/basket/crafty things, and making more noise than it used to. I have a friend who's recommended I buy a Excalibur since I do a lot of scrolling now that I'm retired. But another friend said he'd trade his new (black) Excalibur straight across to get his DeWalt (like I have) back. Does anybody have any input as to Excalibur (made now in China) and a new DeWalt? My husband said he read the DeWalt life span is not much more than 5-7 years! HELP someone, please. Thanks, Susan Schneider (360 620-3870) or

  4. Kenn

    Any tips on how to create the bottom reveal on an inset drawer? Add a thin hardwood layer to the case runners?

  5. Chris

    Is there a quick and recommended way to align jointer blades on a jointer where the outfeed table is not adjustable? I have a Delta 6" benchtop jointer.

  6. T. Huck

    Why is it recommended to route conter -clockwise? Going the other direction there be less chance of chip out.

  7. Charles Genentry

    Look forward to seeing the new products that are coming out.

  8. Dale Blyth

    Is an adjustable height table router worth the cost of a new table?

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