George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! November 2016

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs

Our November LIVE went great. Thanks to all who tuned in. George did a little show and tell with a flag case he’s been working on, and then we moved on to some great questions from you. Tapering on the table saw, first tool purchases, cleaning rasps… A lot of great questions.

0:26 Custom flag case
1:37 Tapering long pieces on the table saw
6:51 Rasps and files. File cards
9:14 Bullet proof finishes for table tops
9:50 Gluing 10’ boards edge to edge. Add cleats?
12:00 Record and Stanley plane irons
12:42 Salvaging warped wood
15:20 Building a particle board/mdf door
16:00 George’s favorite wood for turning
17:34 Wood for outdoor furniture
18:30 Cutting small parts on the table saw
24:00 Refinishing a cherry coffee table
26:16 Small dovetail pins
27:15 How to see defects in wood before finishing
28:49 Ripping logs into planks
31:57 Wood for hand made spoons
33:21 Loose tenon strength vs standard tenon
34:15 Mineral oil or beeswax for cutting boards
37:15 Is there a 16” wide portable planer?
38:00 Dust on lower guides of a bandsaw
39:42 Finish for a sofa table
40:45 Uses for myrtle wood
41:35 Cutting 1” circles/pattern bit
44:40 Blotch in walnut live edge table
46:23 Beginner set of tools
48:13 Food safe glues
49:07 Face jointing before planing?
52:25 Cutting red elm
53:26 Pocket holes on a Shopsmith
55:33 Classes in George’s shop?<
58:04 Carbide bandsaw blades for resawing. Must have?
58:43 Software for shop drawings and cut lists

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