George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! March 2017

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 2  mins

George was joined by his daughter, Meg, for the March WWGOA LIVE. She’s not a woodworking expert, but brought her great sense of humor along. It was a very fun session.

0:55 Stacked dado and tenons
1:45 Eval of Trend Air Shield Pro
3:07 Drill chuck for a router?
4:15 Woodworking vs carpentry
5:26 Digital angle gauges
7:17 Rolling material storage project
8:02 Sharpening lathe chisels
11:47 4 x 4, or glue two 2 x 4s?
12:22 Benchtop bandsaws
13:50 Does George like Titebond?
14:28 Titebond II vs Titebond III
15:52 Video on window joinery?
17:00 Setting up a dado head
22:20 Shop-made dado gauge
23:24 SawStop brakes
24:21 HSS or carbide lathe chisels?
26:18 Chatter on the lathe
28:20 Drill Dr?
28:30 Portable table saw advice
30:30 Tape measure recommendation
31:58 Prototyping?
33:56 Humming noise from bandsaw motor
34:56 Wood expansion
36:17 Lubricating a router lift
45:00 George’s bowl turning class
48:35 Router bit for flattening cutting boards
49:55 Wood movement in a dovetailed bar cabinet
53:23 Stain and finish for poplar
54:47 Epoxy to fill cracks, and how to color it
56:29 Blades for table saws and miter saws
57:48 George’s teaching schedule
59:42 When is the next Live?
1:01:30 George’s St Pat’s joke
1:01:50 Meg’s joke

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