George Vondriska

WWGOA LIVE! January 2020

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  hrs 1  mins

Thanks for tuning in for the first WWGOA LIVE of 2020. Here’s what we talked about:

2:12 Burr oak cookie table George made
5:05 6” or 8” jointer?
8:45 Sharpening lathe chisels
11:50 New dust collector design?
12:45 Dust collection for 40’ shop
13:50 Cool new tool
15:00 Choice of SawStop saws
16:20 Pro advice on dust collection
17:00 Turn wood as you plane it?
18:40 Spiral or straight knife jointer
19:30 Details of George’s workbench
24:05 Other saws with flesh sensing technology?
24:40 Add a trim router?
25:40 One large dust collector or multiple small ones?
27:00 Identifying wood, book recommendation
27:45 Porter Cable vs other half blind jigs
28:30 Upcut spiral vs downcut spiral router bits
30:00 Table saw buying advice
31:15 Correct direction for moving a router
33:30 Wood glue recommendation
35:20 Buy a replacement spiral head for a jointer?
35:40 Tours of George’s shop?
36:18 Pine for face frames?
37:00 Filling holes and voids in table tops
37:40 Tips for routing a circle
39:00 Finding woodworking shows
40:30 Fence thickness for a crosscut sled
40:50 Use CA glue?
41:00 Assembling a wooden countertop
41:50 Toronto woodworking show?
42:30 George’s pine end grain bowl
46:12 Dado head recommendation
46:55 What is the top of George’s workbench?
47:40 Gap filling glue
48:12 Feet on a coat rack
50:00 Table top fasteners
50:45 Dedicated mortiser vs drill press
52:40 Stick bows in George’s shop
53:50 Bandsaw advice
55:10 CFM of dust collector
56:40 Resources for cabinet design
57:40 T track layout on assembly table
58:00 Lathe stand?
58:40 George’s bandsaw?
58:50 Titebond II shelf life?
1:00 Upcoming WWGOA classes

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7 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! January 2020”

  1. dynrat

    I heard you talk about glue a minute ago. Is there anything wrong with using Titebond III for everything to avoid buying three different glues?

  2. Matt Stanley

    What brand of router bits would you recommend for a beginner?

  3. missgoalie

    Are you coming to the Toronto woodworking show on Feb 7 to 9?!

  4. GARY

    FYI In South Africa the Baobab trees are 2000 years old

  5. MMOHAR2

    I'm fixing to buy a new dust collector and looking at the 2 HP PFlux2 with HEPA filter, is this a good choice for both brand and size? I am a hobby woodworker for over 30 years and spend a lot of time in the shop

  6. Jim Wilson

    A very cool and special project for your sister!

  7. Scott Owens

    Hiw would I locate a professional company to survey my shop and advise on a total dust collection system?

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