George Vondriska

How to Use a Router Table Starter Pin

George Vondriska
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Have you ever bought a router table insert or router lift and wondered what the threaded pin is for that comes with the unit? It’s called a router table starter pin, and it can be a great asset for you when routing small pieces on your router table. So, whatever you do, don’t toss it out or lose it because you think it is unimportant!

A router table starter pin is designed to provide a control point to use when routing small parts, on operations where the fence cannot be used. It adds a measure of safety to a routing operation that might otherwise be considered a high risk situation. In order to reap the benefits of your router table starter pin, it is important to learn how to use it properly. And if you are new to the world of routing on a stationary table, you might want to check out some videos on how to use a router table.

To use a router table starter pin:

Store it in a safe place. These little buggers are super easy to lose, so choose a designated spot and always return it there when you are done using it.

Approach with caution. Carefully place the leading edge onto the starting pin so that you do not make contact with the spinning bit before you are engaged on the pin.

Slowly pivot into the bit. After you have established firm contact with your router table starter pin, use a measure of control to slowly and carefully pivot the work piece into the spinning bit. Do not lose contact with the pin as you do this, as the pin will help maintain control over the work piece as you contact the bit.

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