George Vondriska

The Coolest Stuff at IWF 2022

George Vondriska
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The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) is the largest woodworking show in North America. It’s held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. In 2022 over 900 vendors were showing their wares.

Who attends?

The show gets MANY attendees from all over the world. Everyone from folks running huge woodworking businesses to hobbyists who want to see the latest and greatest. A four-day show pass is inexpensive, around $25, and there’s lots of value there.


The array of exhibitors is incredible. Companies show up well in advance of the show to set up HUGE machines (i.e. CNC, dust collection, lasers) that will be running and cutting parts throughout the show. Every category is covered, including solid wood and man-made materials, finish, adhesive, hardware, and portable and stationary power tools. IWF is literally one stop shopping for everything woodworking.

The people we talked to

There’s an amazing community of content creators out there. These people are often working out of their garage or basement, creating cool projects, and also creating videos of their techniques and processes. We took advantage of a number of content creators being under one roof at IWF and asked them about the coolest things they had seen at the show. Their answers give you some insight into what IWF is all about, and also provide you with some interesting products to explore.

Helping you with tools

At WWGOA we like to help you make educated decisions about your tool purchases. That’s part of the reason we attend IWF; so we can see the latest and greatest and bring it to you. Even when we’re not attending shows we frequently provide product reviews that will help you with your buying decisions.

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One Response to “The Coolest Stuff at IWF 2022”

  1. Bob

    I wish there was a show like this in, or at least close to, Chicago. We used to get "The Woodworking Shows" here, and they stopped coming to the Chicago area. They were stopping in Wisconsin, about an hour away from Chicago, and then the show quickly started losing vendors, had to relocate to another venue, then covid, and now they're gone, at least within 100 miles gone. There are a few trade shows that come here, but they're not open to the public.

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