George Vondriska

Sharpening Knives, Scissors, and Tools

George Vondriska
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Okay, I’m a snob about a few different things, and one of them is my kitchen knives. I like good knives in my kitchen, and I want them razor sharp when I use them. The Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpener works really well for keeping knives, scissors and other tools sharp and ready for use. Let’s put it through its paces.


A variety of grits are available for the sharpener. It comes with six belts; two 80-grit, two 220-grit, and two 6,000-micromesh. It’d be handy to have a set of assorted grits on hand so you know you can handle any sharpening task. Rough grits to quickly remove metal, fine grits for getting that razor edge.

Freehand Sharpening

Tools like hatchets and even lawn mower blades can be freehand sharpened. When you’re doing this work the angle guide is removed, which makes it very easy to follow the hatchet or mower blade’s bevel and do your freehand sharpening.

Get the Angle Right

Just like your bench chisels it’s important to get the angle right when sharpening knives. The angle guide can be set for 20-degrees or 25-degrees, angles commonly used for outdoor knives (25-degrees) and kitchen knives (20-degrees).

Great Control

The sharpener has two speeds. Using the lower speed provides really good control so you don’t remove more material than you want to.

More Info

For more info on the Worksharp Knife and Tool Sharpener visit the company’s website.

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2 Responses to “Sharpening Knives, Scissors, and Tools”

  1. Jay

    That's an interesting tool, basically a sanding belt that deflects with pressure. Does it track well? Unlike using a grinding wheel, it should maintain a convex shape to blade edges and those edges should stay sharp and strong longer. I wonder about using it to sharpen HSS lathe knives.


    Informative video on the workshop, wish y’all would make one on how to sharpen serrated knives

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