George Vondriska

Quick Tip for Screwing in Screw Eyes

George Vondriska
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How many times have you done this? Predrill a hole, grab a screw eye, put a screwdriver through the eye, and start tediously driving the screw eye in? Putting in one tiny screw eye? That’s not a bad solution. Driving large screw eyes, like you’d use on a swing set, or driving lots of screw eyes, and this process gets real old, real fast. Wouldn’t it be great if you could power drive screw eyes the way you power drive screws? If you own a set of Allen wrenches and a cordless drill, the solution for this problem is already in your shop.

Try it, you’ll like it

Once you see this tip, you’ll wonder why you haven’t used this approach before. You’ll be amazed by how fast, and easy, you can drive even the largest screw eyes. It’s a great tip.

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One Response to “Quick Tip for Screwing in Screw Eyes”

  1. Steve

    There is also a driver bit available for any power screwdriver that is "Y" shaped. It does eye hooks, cup hooks and wing nuts.

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