Char Miller-King

Meet Char Miller-King

Char Miller-King
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Duration:   5  mins

Char Miller-King evolved into woodworking the way many of us have. There was something she wanted but didn’t want to buy, so she built it. That project led to another project, and another, and another…You know how it goes. Many of those projects required new tool additions and Char’s garage is now jam packed with her tools. What a great problem to have.

In addition to the projects she makes for herself and her family Char teaches woodworking at a local maker space. If you’re not familiar with the concept, a maker space is an organization you can join to learn how to work with your hands in a variety of disciplines. Char teaches at the maker space near her.

Char has a passion for teaching kids and bringing them into woodworking. As a result Char will be doing videos for WWGOA with kid-oriented projects that you can use to get the kids in your life excited about the hobby.

You can follow Char on social media like Instagram @woodenmaven and her Facebook page, I Am the Wooden Maven. And, of course, watch for her videos here at WWGOA.

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One Response to “Meet Char Miller-King”

  1. Ernie

    Love this story! Good for her.

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