Master Bowl Turning Session 4: Advanced Skills

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Duration: 1:22:32

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It’s great to graduate from the scraping technique to the shearing technique. Shearing provides a significantly better surface, which means less sanding. Who wouldn’t like that? Shearing is a little harder to do than scraping, so we’ll walk you through how to handle the chisel to avoid “catches,” and what kind of body movement is required to use a bowl gouge correctly.

It’s really fun to grab a log off someone’s firewood pile and get it on the lathe. The work starts at the band saw, where we’ll convert the log to a bowl blank. Our log blank will be mounted to the lathe using a screw center and four-jaw chuck, an accessory that can add a lot of versatility to your lathe. Learning to convert logs to bowl blanks is a great way to get large chunks of wood, and work with unusual species. You’ll also need to learn how to deal with green wood, and we’ll give you a handful of recipes for that.