George Vondriska

Is My Tape Measure Accurate?

George Vondriska
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Duration:   1  mins

A tape measure, more specifically an accurate tape measure, is an essential tool for all woodworkers. George Vondriska teaches you a helpful tip to ensure your tape measure is accurate for both inside and outside measuring.

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9 Responses to “Is My Tape Measure Accurate?”


    I worked in a cabinet shop in 78' and the foreman had us check our tapes to the shop rule every Monday morning and adjust if needed. He was also a stickler about not letting the tape slap closed. He would rant about how it elongated the slots in the tape and in effect, ruin it causing inaccurate measuring and cutting. If he heard one of our tapes slap close and knew, who did it, he would make that person work the rest of day without it. You learn quick to catch the tape with your finger after trying to work without a tape measure for a day or so. It is second nature to me now and to this day when I hear a tape slap closed, even a little, as George did early in the video, it catches my attention. 😉

  2. Mark Zielinski

    Tape measure accuracy should be checked, each time your rule slips from your belt and hits the floor. It’s not unusual that the end hook takes the hook, bending the hook, throwing out of accuracy.

  3. Mark Zielinski

    Might be good to remind the folks that when your tape rule slips from you belt, it’s not unusual that when it strikes the floor, that it hits in the end tab, bending it. Subsequently causing an inaccurate reading. Good to each time it takes a big hit.

  4. R Miller

    Both methods have possibility of inaccuracy. For an outside measurement, clamp the ruler so that one end is flush with a block, not cantilevered. This prevents the tape measure hook from wrapping under the ruler if its bent. For the inside measurement, press a block up against the end of the ruler so that the end of the tape measure and ruler are exactly aligned.

  5. John

    Another way to check your tape for INSIDE accuracy is to butt the end against the hook of a hook rule. You can then confirm that the tape's markings are in line with the hook rule's. If not, the tape is not good for inside measurements.

  6. Mike McDonough

    Also, make sure you use to use the same tap measure on all measurements

  7. glen1

    There is no video or audio:-(

  8. Nik

    Metal expands and contracts with temperature changes, and a tape measure can be of a length sufficient to suffer from the changes in length affecting accuracy due to temperature differences. ie outside in freezing weather, or inside in a heated house, but it probably wont be significant in most circumstances, though its worth remembering.

  9. Wolf Lahti

    And what does one do if the tape measure is *not* accurate? One can bend the end tab only so much.

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