Spike Carlsen

Fractional Measurements Made Easy

Spike Carlsen
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Duration:   1 mins

Is adding and subtracting fractional measurements slowing down the progress of your woodworking projects? Spike Carlsen has couple of quick tips on how to make fractional addition and subtraction quick and easy.

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3 Responses to “Fractional Measurements Made Easy”

  1. Rudin Jon

    This challenge is typically not needed when using metric tape measures. Having lived overseas for a number of years I converted to metric use and have almost never used inched and feet since. I invite woodworkers to give the metric system a try for a week to see how you like it.

  2. Jay

    It's a slide rule! (Now where did I put my K&E?)

  3. JudgeMike

    Very helpful, very simple, very easy to do. Wish I'd have known this little tip 50 years ago. Never to late to learn though.

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