Randy Johnson

Do I Need a CNC Machine?

Randy Johnson
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Duration:   12  mins

CNC machines are all the rage these days. They offer a lot of capabilities, possibly leaving you wondering if you should consider one for your shop. Here’s a great overview of what benchtop CNC machines can do.

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4 Responses to “Do I Need a CNC Machine?”

  1. Steve Larson

    I have been looking at the low end machines $250 - $800. I figured they will let me learn how to learn how to get an image from idea to a cut piece without pouring a ton of money into it. Also if I would not have time or lose interest I would not be out a lot of dough.

  2. Randy Beat

    Where is the fun in that? I guess its fine if you want to mass produce products but I take pride in the fact that everything I build is one of a kind and made by me not a program in a robot.

  3. blackbeered

    I like the rep's Cheshire cat grin at 2:15 when George asked the "how complex?" That's the greatest drawback with these machines ... software geeks woodworkers aren't. And not many woodworkers under 50 want to spend thousands of man-hours just trying to master the rudimentaries.

  4. My Son My Hero

    personally I love them, I have a bench top model (not shop bot) and it's great allows me to do in minutes things that took hours before

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