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Benefits of Cyclonic Dust Collectors

George Vondriska
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When you’re ready to shop for a dust collector for your shop, it’s a good idea to have a look at cyclone dust collectors. They offer a variety of benefits that that simply don’t come from other types of dust collectors.

Cyclones separate

One of the best aspects of a cyclone dust collector is its ability to separate dust from the air before it hits the filter. Why is that a big deal? The cleaner the air is when it gets to the filter, the less maintenance you’ll have to do on the filter. That means more shop time spent woodworking, instead of dust cleaning. Remember too that air can only get into the dust collector if air can get out. So, if the filter is getting clogged, no air can leave. If that happens, you’ll start to restrict the air flow coming in. That means dust collection at your tools will drop off, and that’s no good.

Where’s the fan?

When you’re shopping for a dust collector check out where the fan is; is it in the air stream, or out of the air stream? It’s better for a fan or impeller to be out of the air stream. That way if you suck up a chunk of wood, it’s not going to plow into, and possibly ruin, the fan.

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