George Vondriska

2023 Product Showcase: Grizzly 6” Jointer

George Vondriska
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Duration:   7  mins

The first step in prepping material for your projects is making sure the parts are square. This typically starts with face jointing and edge jointing your project parts. Grizzly’s G0526A40 6” jointer has a lot of great features that’ll help you with this process.


Carbide inserts make keeping a great edge on this jointer easy. When the cutters are dull, simply rotate them to a fresh edge. No realignment of knives and tables. The V-helical design helps push chips toward the dust collection chute, and the helix helps you get great cut quality even in squirrelly material like curly or birdseye maple.

The fence

The 4” high 29-¼” long fence has stops at 45-degrees, 90-degrees and 135-degrees.

Bed length

The bed length of this machine is 60”. When it comes to jointers the longer the bed, the better. Long jointer beds make it lots easier to joint long stock.


I love having my tools on casters. Casters are built in on this jointer. No need to purchase a mobile base.


The G0523A40 comes with a 1.5 HP 110-volt motor. The switch is mounted on a pedestal that puts it in a great, very accessible position.

Other Grizzly products

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More info

For more information on this jointer, or other Grizzly products, visit the company’s website or call (800)523-4777.

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