2020 Product Showcase: Woodpeckers Drill Press Table

Duration: 8:35

Lots of drill presses come with tiny tables. Those tables can work OK for metal working processes, but not so well for woodworking, where we typically work with larger parts. Woodpeckers’ Drill Press Table is a wonderful addition to woodshops.


  • – The Woodpeckers Drill Press table provides lots of surface area for your projects. One model is 20” x 36” closed, 48” when open. Another is 20” x 24” closed, 36” when open. That’s aircraft carrier size!
  • – The table includes a drawer that’s 2-¼” x 9-½” x 15”. If nothing else the drawer eliminates your excuse for losing the chuck key, but the drawer holds a lot more than a chuck key.
  • – 3” tall fence
  • – T-tracks in the table accept knuckle clamps. These are a wonderful way to secure small parts and prevent creating propellers.
  • – Dust collection (with a 2-¼” hose fitting) is built into the fence.
  • – The available flip stops are GREAT for repetitive cuts.
  • – Replaceable sacrificial insert

How’s that dust collection?

Dust collection on a drill press has been a LONG time coming. Connect a shop vacuum to the fence and it has no problem keeping up with even the large shavings produced by Forstner bits. This is great when you’re drilling holes, but also a wonderful feature when you’re using a drum sander on the drill press.

More info

For more information on the Woodpeckers Drill Press table visit the company’s website or call (800) 752-0725.

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