2020 Product Showcase: Castle 110

Duration: 17:16

Castle has been in the pocket hole business for MANY years. Their large scale machines have been used in commercial cabinets shops for years. It’s great to see the Castle 110, a machine that takes advantage of Castle’s extensive history and makes it available at the consumer woodworking level.

What’s with the angle?

Here’s the importance of the shallow 3-degree angle. We’re trying to avoid joint creep. The closer the screw hole in the pocket is to parallel to the face, the less creep you’ll have when you assemble parts. Creep is what’s happening when you’re assembling two pieces and the part you’re running the screw into climbs as you’re driving the screw. That climb can complicate assembly.

Repetitive cuts

If you’re assembling a bunch of cabinet face frames you’re probably putting pocket holes into LOTS of pieces. The Castle 110 comes with a stop system that makes it very easy to bear against the stops so all of your pocket holes are consistently located.


The 110 can be very easily adjusted so the hold down is perfectly positioned for the specific thickness of material you’re using. You can also fine tune what is called the web of the joint. This refers to the distance from the end of the pocket to the end grain of the piece. This gives you great control over how much screw projects past the end grain. Fine tuning this is very handy when you’re working with thin stock.

Making cuts

The tool can be clamped to a bench, or you can use the tool portably and clamp it to your work. This is handy when you’re working with large pieces of sheet stock. Dust collection is very good.

For more info on the Castle 110 visit the company’s website or call (800) 282-8338.

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