Woodworking Tools: Training Edition 10-DVD Set + Free 5-Piece Brass Gauges


Item: D1044Q


Bundle: Woodworking Tools: Training Edition 10-DVD Set + Free 5-Piece Brass Gauges

Take care of your woodworking tools, and they’ll take care of you! That’s the idea in this big video set, in which you’ll get over 15 hours of priceless tips and techniques for completing all of your woodworking projects with the tools you have in your shop. Your host and master woodworker George Vondriska will teach you how to buy and set up your tools, properly utilize their features and essential functions, and maintain them when they’re not being used so you can make them last.

In addition to the great tools instruction and projects, this bundle includes a FREE set of Brass Set-up Gauges (a $12 value). The set comes with 5 common sizes/heights, which are stackable for even more flexibility. These are a must-have in any shop for precise set-up in many situations, especially with plunge routers, router tables, and table saws.

See below for more detail on the 10 DVDs you’ll receive, and the free Brass Gauges:

10-DVD Set: Woodworking Tools: Professional Training Edition (935 minutes)

Table Saw Tips & Techniques – 99 minutes.

Essential Band Saw Techniques – 114 minutes.

Router Table Tips & Techniques – 79 minutes.

Jigs, Fixtures and Shop-Made Helpers – 74 minutes.

Tool Set Up and Maintenance – 98 minutes.

Advanced Table Saw Techniques – 78 minutes.

Sharpening Skills For Your Workshop – 117 minutes.

Hand Planes & Scrapers – 117 minutes.

Essential Hand-Held Router Techniques – 79 minutes.

Practical Woodworking Aids & Jigs – 77 minutes.

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FREE Tool: Whiteside Brass Set Up Gauges ($12 Value)

Quickly and easily make accurate set-ups with this very helpful tool!

5 piece set comes with 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4″, 3/8” and 1/2” stackable squares which allows for a wider range of sizes. A great way to make exact depth movements on plunge routers. On table routers, they’re perfect for setting distances from the fence to the cutter, or for checking the bit height above the table. Recommended by George.

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