Woodworking Shop Tips & Tricks 4-DVD Boxed Set




4-DVD Set: Woodworking Shop Tips & Tricks Boxed Set

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Your time is precious, especially when you’re in your workshop. Now, you can make every minute count with these time-saving shop tips and tricks. Join master woodworker George Vondriska as he shares his years of experience and detailed secrets – showing you many ways to make your woodworking easier, more efficient and safer. Improving your shop and using jigs are great ways to also enhance your overall woodworking skills. Dive in and get ready for lots of great jigs and shop helpers. 343 minutes.

Jigs, Fixtures & Shop-Made Helpers – 74 minutes

In this step-by-step video, you’ll learn how to build and use a variety of essential woodworking jigs, fixtures and everyday helpers to make your job in the workshop simpler and less stressful. You’ll see and hear important tips for choosing the materials you’ll utilize for your jigs, you’ll get highlights on hardware that you should always keep nearby, and you’ll be guided through the building process.

Practical Woodworking Aids & Jigs – 77 minutes

You’ll see many great jigs and shop helpers on this video! you’ll learn two approaches for cutting a precision layout tool, a method for easily bending wood and lots more. From your drill press to your router to your table saw, this video provides you with time-saving jigs you’ll use for a long time.

Shop-Made Problem Solvers – 69 minutes

Dadoes are key to many projects. This video provides you with multiple ways to produce perfect dadoes. Additionally, you’ll learn how to add splines to miters, create a resaw fence for your bandsaw, turn your hand-held router into a crosscut tool, safely rip narrow pieces on your table saw, and more. If you want to make your woodworking easier, and safer, this video will be a must-watch for you.

Shop Solutions – 123 minutes

Take advantage of your woodworking skills by improving your shop. Three projects in this video will help you move material and projects around your shop, provide support for cuts on your miter saw, and give you multiple ways to store material in your shop. Readily available material is used for all three projects, and the construction methods are straight forward.

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