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TopSaver Kit Pack


Item: D1061J


TopSaver Kit Pack

Top Saver is unlike anything ever made. It is a Rust Remover, Lubricant, Surface Sealant, and Conditioner for metal surfaces. It completely removes rust and corrosion from the pores of the metal surface. It reduces sliding friction, eliminates binding and surface hang-ups on tabletops, repels moisture and seals the surface pores against rust and corrosion.

You simply apply Top Saver with its easy-to-use pump spray applicator and massage into the metal surface to remove rust and corrosion. Wipe the surface clean, then reapply and buff. Once your equipment has been treated with Top Saver, this brilliant conditioner will bond itself onto the metal surface creating a lubricated deep rich finish that will reduce surface hang-ups and last for weeks or months depending upon usage.

This complete kit includes:

  • 8 oz. bottle of Top Saver Rust Remover and Lubricant
  • Abrasive scrubbing pad
  • Disposable cloth
  • Pair of disposable gloves