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Mail & Key Organizer and More Video Download


Item: D1K76U


Video Download: Mail & Key Organizer and More

108 minutes.

Mail & Key Organizer

Resawing the Back
Assemble the Front
Cutting the Front Parts
Installing Key Hooks

Mud Room Locker

Design Considerations
Case Joinery Techniques
Case Details and Procedure
Dimensioning Doors
Making the Doors
Banding the Doors
Mitering the Door Bandings
Trim Edge Banding
Boring Doors for Hinges
Hanging Doors

Fishing Rod Rack

Parts and Prep
Uprights and Feet
Making Cross-Members
Making Screw Plugs
Drill for Reel Mounts
Layout and Pre-Drill
Installing Screw Plugs
Insert Reel Holders

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