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Video Download: Gluing and Clamping

In this comprehensive video, Master Woodworker George Vondriska helps by providing valuable gluing and clamping techniques. By learning these techniques, you will be able to have your wood projects look their best, without shoddy glue patches. You’ll also have the confidence that you have put together your pieces to last a lifetime and beyond. A properly glued joint is stronger than wood itself, so creating a joint with the proper glue is crucial. In this tutorial, George covers 10 different types of glues, helping you to learn each glue’s properties and best usages. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to select the best glue for dado, ducktail, bent laminate, and other joints and connections. George also teaches you how to do a dry run to ensure proper construction before you glue and clamp and how to properly use clamps. Did you know your shop vacuum can aid in the gluing and clamping process? You’ll also learn a little-known process to pull glue through a joint with your shop vac. Start gluing and clamping your project properly using these tips, and you’ll gain the confidence that your woodworking project is built to last. 66 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Types of Glue
  • Check Joint Quality
  • Spreading Glue
  • Leg-to-Rail Assembly
  • Stave Construction
  • Gluing Plastic Laminate
  • Pinch Dogs
  • Gluing Solid Surfaces
  • Gluing with a Vacuum Bag
  • Removing Glue with a Paint Scraper
  • Light Duty Clamps
  • Clamp Pads
  • Spool Clamps
  • Pull Glue into Cracks with a Vacuum

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