Fundamentals of Cabinet Making Class DVD


Item: D1174R


Class DVD: Fundamentals of Cabinet Making

When you master cabinet making, you open the door to many projects – cabinets for your shop or kitchen, bathroom vanities, book cases, dressers and more.

The construction methods used on all of these projects are very similar. This woodworking class provides every detail you need to build quality cabinets, teaching you how with these key elements:

  • Designing attractive cabinets
  • Choosing the best material
  • Managing large sheets
  • Dado and rabbet joinery
  • Dimensioning a face frame, perfectly
  • Face frame joinery techniques
  • Calculating door dimensions
  • Cope and stile joints on cabinet doors
  • Accenting cabinets with caps and molding
  • Instructor: George Vondriska
    Video run-time: 3 hours, 20 minutes

    PLUS, you’ll get the following BONUS resources and helpful information to supplement your class content:

  • Class Guide PDF, as reference for key elements of the class instruction
  • Class Project PDF, for a detailed cabinet drawing and cut list for the class project
  • VIDEO: Meet your instructor
  • VIDEO: Hear to George talk more about this class and his experience with cabinet making
  • PLEASE NOTE: The content in this Class DVD is identical to the content available in streaming video form, which you can purchase/review separately in the WWGOA store here.

    Watch a preview of this DVD below: