Essentials of Wood Finishing Boxed Set


Item: D1157R


5-DVD Set: Essentials of Wood Finishing Boxed Set

Your time is precious, especially when you’re in your workshop. Now you can make every minute count with the best wood finishing instruction available! Master Woodworker George Vondriska takes you through his best finishing secrets, tips and techniques. Learn from decades of his experience building thousands of beautifully finished projects. 344 minutes.

Advanced Sanding Techniques – 87 minutes.

Learn how to greatly shorten your sanding time. Find out what sanding techniques work with specific wood as well as learn about early wood verses late wood. Advance your skills of sanding your woodwork with these helpful techniques.

Wood Coloring Techniques – 62 minutes.

Fun and unique tips for controlling color with wood. Find out when to apply color to finished projects as well as how to apply color efficiently. Learn what products to use for color matching or toning wood and see samples of successfully colored wood.

Top Notch Finishing Techniques – 64 minutes.

You’ll learn numerous tips for properly finishing your woodworking projects, including step-by-step instruction of the finishing process. See how to expertly use HLVP spray guns and airbrushes, add a sunburst pattern to guitars and much more.

Spraying – 54 minutes.

Spraying high-quality finishes is an essential skill for any avid woodworker. You’ll see first hand the equipment, materials and processes needed to achieve the results you want, including shop-tested tips and techniques for spraying. You’ll also discover important safety considerations to protect yourself and your shop.

Shellac – 77 minutes.

Find out the many benefits there are to using shellac verses another finishing product. See the different kinds of shellac available as well as how to make your own. Also, learn the tricks to speed up the process of applying shellac. “Make Friends” with shellac and use the information provided to beautifully finish your projects.