Essential Woodworking Tools of the Trade 4-DVD Set


Item: D1006Q


4-DVD Set: Essential Woodworking Tools of the Trade

If all you had in your workshop was a router, table saw, band saw and hand plane, do you think you could build something worthwhile? We’d like to think so, so we’ve created a video tutorial series in which we teach you how to utilize the essential woodworking tools in your shop to complete your next woodworking project. George Vondriska walks you step-by-step through using the tools that every beginning woodworker should have in their shop, with nearly two hours of expert bonus content! 410 minutes.

Table Saw Tips & Techniques – 100 minutes.

Essential Band Saw Techniques – 114 minutes.

Router Table Tips & Techniques – 79 minutes.

Hand Planes & Scrapers – 117 minutes.