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Dri-Tool Lubricant


Item: D1063J


Dri-Tool Lubricant (1 oz)

Unlike any other dry lubricant on the market, Dri-Tool Lubricant utilizes a unique solvent carrier that penetrates deep into the pores of the surface structure to clean and remove contamination deposits, while delivering a micro surface sealant with high lubrication.

It has a quick evaporation rate. When dry, it resists sawdust, dirt and moisture, while drastically reducing friction, thus allowing moving parts like screw adjustments, slide mechanisms and roller bearings to travel with ease.

  • Contains no silicone or petroleum oil, so it will not stain wood or interfere with glues or finishes
  • Penetrates deep into metal pores to release stuck or frozen bolts or parts
  • Designed to reduce the friction of metal-to-metal contact, while resisting dirt, dust and moisture
  • Great for general lubrication around the house
  • Use on: Band Saw roller bearings, miter gauge tracks, miter gauge clamps, band saw, blade tension screws, feed roller bearings, clamp Adjustments, adjustable dado cutter threads, hand Plane thumb screws, saw adjustments, table saw fences, hinges, door locks and scissors.