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Dovetail Jigs: Tips & Tricks Download


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Dovetail Jigs: Tips & Tricks Download

77 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • Types of Dovetail Joints
  • Anatomy of a Dovetail Joint
  • Lubricate Your Jig and Router
  • What You Need
  • Half Blind Dovetails
  • Dimensioning Your Material
  • Marking Your Pieces
  • Installing Material in the Jig
  • Adjusting the Fit of the Dovetail
  • Setting Router Bit Depth
  • Positioning the Comb
  • Making a Test Cut
  • Lay Out and Cut a Four-Dovetail Box
  • Thick Front, Thin Side
  • Common Mistakes
  • Through Dovetails: Tails
  • Through Dovetails: Sockets
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