cherry book case
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Cherry Bookcase, Turning, Saw Horses & Stools DVD


DVD: Cherry Bookcase, Turning, Saw Horses & Stools

89 minutes.

Cherry Bookcase

Chapter Topics:

  • Make Dentil Molding
  • Determining Case Dimensions
  • Cross Cut Case Sides
  • Curve for Feet
  • Constructions Details
  • Top Rail Details
  • Make the Lower Rail
  • Glue and Clamp Face Frame
  • Molding Advice
  • Cutting and Applying Trim
  • Unique Turning Projects

    Chapter Topics:

  • Pizza Cutter Handle
  • Wine Bottle Stopper
  • Matching Saw Horses and Shop Stools

    Chapter Topics:

  • Making Saw Horse Legs
  • Saw Horse Assembly
  • Shop Stools