Cabinets, Sanding & Color 5-DVD Set


Item: D1028Q


5-DVD Set: Cabinets, Sanding and Color

If you’re primed to build new cabinets, and want to make sure they’ll have a great finish on them, this video set is for you. In it, we build a full set of face frame style uppers and lowers providing you with the opportunity to learn about:

  • Cabinet lay out
  • Handling sheet goods and solid wood to optimize yield
  • Building melamine cabinet carcases
  • Face frame lay out and assembly
  • Doors and drawers
  • Making a countertop
  • How sanding affects stain color
  • Home-center-available stains and top coats, pros and cons
  • Tips for applying stains and top coats
  • This is a great cabinet making package, sure to increase your skills and confidence. 451 minutes.

    Kitchen Cabinets 1

    Kitchen Cabinets 2

    Controlling Color with Success

    Sanding, Stains & Top Coats

    Advanced Sanding Techniques