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Video Download: Advanced Sanding Techniques

George Vondriska and Matt Newborg work together to provide advanced sanding techniques. Learn how to greatly shorten your sanding time. Find out what sanding techniques work with specific wood as well as learn about early wood verses late wood. Prevent over sanding and see examples from the professionals. Advance your skills of sanding your woodwork with these helpful techniques. 87 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • History of Sandpaper
  • Reading the Back of Sandpaper
  • Types of abrasives
  • Know Your Sander
  • Know Your Sanding Blocks
  • Making Sandpaper Pads
  • Proper Sanding
  • Removing Dull spots from Your Finish
  • Stearated Paper
  • Scotch Brites on Random Orbit Sanders
  • The Effects of Improper Sanding
  • Waterborne Finishes
  • Ease Inside Edges
  • Building a High-Gloss Finish
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