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Video Download: A Pair of Planters

Although outdoor projects don’t have the build demands of fine furniture, we’re going to borrow cabinet and furniture making techniques to craft these attractive planters. You’ll learn how to guarantee uniform length when crosscutting multiple pieces, tips for getting symmetrical part lay out, the correct glue, material, and fasteners for outdoor projects, and lots more. 153 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Bench Planter Introduction
  • Material Glue and Screws
  • Make the Leg Template
  • Make the Legs
  • Sides Bottom Ends
  • Assemble Sides and Bottom
  • Cut and Attach Ends
  • Attach Legs
  • Make the Top
  • Fasten the Top
  • Modular Planter Introduction
  • Cut the Frame Pieces
  • Assemble the Frames
  • Fasten the Vertices
  • Install Bottom and Feet
  • Install the Trim
  • Build the Bench
  • Add the Tops
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