WWGOA LIVE! September 2017

We had a bit of an audio glitch, but once we got going things went great. Thanks to all for hanging with us, and participating.

1:17 Bowtie vs. epoxy
2:50 Making runners for a table saw
4:38 Jigs and Fixtures circle jig, fractional calculator
7:38 Pocket holes for a toe kick?
10:18 Phillips vs tork heads
11:10 Glue for rub joints
11:42 Easy Wood detail chisels
13:36 Silicone glue brushes vs acid brushes
14:43 Shop-made turning finish vs. Mylands Friction Polish
16:25 Recess or tenon when using a four-jaw chuck on bowls
19:52 How much clamp pressure?
22:12 Table saw fence; left or right side of the blade?
25:15 Light wood to contract with Sapele and blood wood
26:14 Ash for turning?
27:00 Concave edges from a jointer
33:08 Epoxied board through the planer?
33:25 Glue for edge to edge gluing?
34:40 Short vs long lathe chisels
36:12 Oil based finish for dresser top?
37:22 Wipe wet glue?
40:27 Problems gluing cedar
43:35 Inaccurate tape on table saw fence
44:42 Purple heart for turning?
45:42 Starter turning projects
48:29 Jointing on the router table
54:00 Sawmilling wood
56:00 Plain sawn four faces table legs
1:05:00 George’s teaching schedule www.vondriskawoodworks.com

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39 Responses to “WWGOA LIVE! September 2017”

  1. Satanand Sawh

    Hi George, I would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of a jointer with (a) spiral head over blades: (b) parallelogram jointer over dovetail. Thanks.

  2. Steve

    I'm making some table legs that will be close to 1.5 inches both wide and thick. I'm making them fro flat-sawn 3/4 in wood, so I need to rip four pieces for each leg, so that each piece will have a triangular cross-section. I'm trying to figure out the best/safesr way to cut them on the table saw. How would you recommend doing the beveled rips?

  3. Jay Rutan

    How is the router table set up to do edge jointing a board. I have an Ingra Router Table

  4. joel

    Hello - I just joined wwgoa, very impressive. Also from WI, Monroe, and my local sawmill has a great selection - but I am considering starting to mill/dry my own logs. Have you ever dabbled in that?

  5. John

    How good is purpleheart for turning for pens?

  6. Jason

    My measuring tape on the right side of the blade on my Ridgid table saw is accurate when using over 18" settings, but it is off progressively more as the width from the blade is smaller. The adjustable marker can't be the issue, as it is accurate at wider settings. Any ideas?!

  7. aughtago

    to Ginny, ( no need for live review) Years ago I built an Ice Boat (do a you-tube search) my wife came out to the garage and asked if it was gonna work, my reply was " well it Aughtago" (Aught to go ) hence the name of my ice boat and my user name, you can call me Stan.

  8. David

    I'm new to using a jointer, my edges are coming out slightly concave, like a frown, what am I doing wrong?

  9. Harry

    Thanks for your tips. This has likely been answered before but don't catch all the shows. If one had a choice between a planer and a joiner, what would you recommend. Also the Dewalt vs the Ricon. I see the Ricon, for minimally more has higher rpm and helical blades. Thanks

  10. Satanand Sawh

    Hi George, am calling from Canada. Can you tell whether ash is too hard a wood for turning? Would you recommend it? Thanks.